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Our 2020 Vision - This blog is for the home owners of Conchas Dam who have shown interest to explore the possibility of incorporating as a New Mexico Municipality (Village of Conchas) in the year 2020.  Some of this interest has come from Fire Department meetings, Water Co-Op meetings, facebook posts, and conversations around food and drink with neighbors.

All homeowners are encourage to contribute positively to the Pros and Cons of becoming the Village of Conchas on this blog.  You can do so anonymously if you like.

There are separate pages (departments, community, business) for you to comment on, what are the pros, what are the cons, give your suggestions, post a question, answer questions others have asked, etc.

If interested in contributing please start here.  I have provided links to other New Mexico Villages for your perusal.


2020 Sample Template

Welcome to the Village of Conchas
The Hidden Treasure of New Mexico
Where the Toy Sheds are Bigger than the Homes

The Village of Conchas is located in southeast San Miguel County in New Mexico just 32 miles northwest of Tucumcari and 76 miles southeast of Las Vegas, NM, on State Highway 104. The population within the village limits is 1,949 and the elevation of Conchas is 4,201 feet. The Village of Conchas was incorporated with the state of New Mexico in 2020. Conchas is most known for being the "Hidden Treasure of New Mexico" for it's lake recreation facilities.

The Village of Conchas exists to provide services to the citizens of Conchas and those using our recreation facilities.  The primary services provided are water, natural gas, solid waste, and wastewater.  As a community steward, the Village of Conchas responds to many other types of requests for service.

Village of Conchas
PO Box
Conchas, New Mexico 88416


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