Mesa Rica Estates

Mesa Rica means "rich mesa." It received this name from a legend that Indians attacked a burro train carrying gold. During the ensuing fight, a few men slipped away with the gold and hid it on the mesa. The gold has yet to be found and still might be hidden in "them thar hills," if anyone is interested in searching for it.

San Francisco Call, volume 87, number 51, 20 January 1902

From New Mexico Comes Wondrous Story of a Skeleton.
Special Dispatch to The Call.

EAST LAS VEGAS. N. M.. Jan. 19, 1902.— An archaeological find has been made on the Mesa Rica, near Chapento, this county. It is the skeleton of a prehistoric man. Legend has it that the vicinity of the Chapeinro and the Mesa. Rica was peopled by a race of giants centuries ago. Evidence to substantiate this tradition was found on the ranch of Don Luciano Quintano. Five men,- several days ago, began to excavate at a place marked by two pieces of rough hewn white building stone about fifteen- feet; apart. They had dug about five feet between the stones when skeleton was unearthed; The bones are well preserved. The "giant's ' chest measurement could have been no less than, eight, feet. The lower jawbone is all that' remains of the head. It is a massive ' piece and in it is a huge tooth.. The forearm measured three feet and the length 'of the arm must have been about six feet. The skeleton will be sent to. the Archaeological Society at Santa Fe.

Mesa Rica Estates - 1938

In 1940 there were two bars in Mesa Rica Estates -

Johnnie's Dispensary, Mesa Rica and  Pete's Bar, Mesa Rica

Mesa Rica Estates is located between the airport and highway 104.

Mesa Rica Estates - 2018


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