Officials and Employees

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Village Officers And Employees


Any officer, elected or appointed to any village office, shall take an oath or affirmation to support the constitution of the United States, the constitution and laws of the state and to faithfully perform the duties of his office.


Financial Interests Of Village Officers And Employees

  • No elected village officer, during the term for which elected, and no village employee, during the period of such employment, shall acquire a financial interest in any new or existing business venture or business property of any kind when such officer or employee believes or has reason to believe that the new financial interest will be directly affected by his official act.
  • No elected village officer and no village employee shall use confidential information acquired by virtue of his village office or village employment for his or another's private gain.
  • The district attorney shall investigate and prosecute, when appropriate, any complaint brought to his attention involving a violation of this subsection. Violation of the provisions of this subsection by any village officer or employee is grounds for removal or suspension of the officer and dismissal, demotion or suspension of the employee.

Disclosure Of Interest By Officers

  • Any member of the village council having a financial interest or possible interest in the outcome of any policy, decision or determination before the village council shall, within a reasonable time after such interest becomes apparent and in no case later than at the time of the taking of a vote on the issue in which he has a financial interest or possible interest, disclose to each of the other members of the village council the nature of his financial interest or possible interest in the issue and his disclosure shall be recorded in the minute book of the village council.
  • Disclosure of financial interest or possible interest on any issue coming before the village council shall not disqualify amember of the village council from voting on the issue, unless:
  • A majority of the remaining members of the governing body determine that the member who discloses his financial interest or possible interest should not in propriety vote on the issue; or
  • The member having a financial interest or possible interest in the issue voluntarily disqualifies himself.


Authorization Action: Pursuant to New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978, section 3-13-3, the governing body of the Village of Conchas, a municipality having a population of more than one thousand (1,000) persons, hereby provides that the village establishes the position of village manager as that term is used in the above cited statute with all authorities, duties and responsibilities as provided for a manager as stated in New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978, sections 3-13-3, 3-14-13 through 3-14-15 and this title.


The manager shall be the chief administrative officer. He shall be appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the governing body for an indefinite term and until a vacancy is created by death, resignation or removal by the governing body. The manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of administrative qualifications and his selection shall not be limited by reason of former residence. The manager shall receive a salary to be fixed annually by the governing body.

The village manager shall:

  • Serve as chief administrative officer of the village and, within broad policy guidelines, assist the governing body in planning, administering and implementing the day to day activities of the municipal government.
  • The manager shall have a seat, but no vote, at every meeting of the governing body. Except when clearly undesirable or unnecessary, the governing body shall request the opinion of the manager on any proposed measure.
  • The administration of the affairs of the village shall be divided into as many departments as may be deemed desirable by the governing body. Each department shall be under the charge of a person employed by the manager.
  • Employ and discharge all persons engaged in the administrative service of the village.
  • Direct and supervise the work of all municipal employees.
  • Enforce all ordinances, rules, regulations and policies enacted by the governing body.
  • Implement all municipal policies.
  • Make recommendations to the governing body on all matters concerning the welfare of the village.
  • Represent the village in regard to local, regional, state and federal activities of concern to the village.
  • Develop and submit the annual budget, prepare supporting justification for presentation to the governing body and advise the council on the financial status and needs of the village.
  • Ensure that adequate safeguards are implemented to protect the village funds including overseeing the investment of surplus funds to derive the maximum return.
  • Serve as the village procurement officer, assume the responsibility for compliance with the procurement code and make all purchases.
  • Attend all meetings of the governing body unless excused by the mayor and serve as an ex officio member of such boards, commissions, committees or authorities as directed by the governing body.
  • Administer personnel matters as personnel officer, make policy and pay scale recommendations for council approval and coordinate employment benefits.
  • Coordinate activities with consulting engineers and the village attorney.
  • Serve as village public information officer.
  • Administer all contracts for outside services.
  • Perform other duties as prescribed by the village council.



The village shall employ a village clerk and establish the salary thereof.


The mayor, with the advice and consent of the governing body, shall appoint the clerk. The clerk shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor and the village council and may, subject to the terms of any written employment contract, be removed by the governing body at any time. (Ord. 2000-08, 3-23-2000)


At the time of appointment, if the village clerk is not a New Mexico certified municipal clerk, he/she shall begin a process of certification immediately upon employment. Assistants need not begin such certification process.


The village clerk shall:

  • Report to and follow all direction with regard to the work assigned by supervisory personnel as indicated by the approved organizational chart of the village;
  • Keep in custody all minutes, ordinances, and resolutions approved by the governing body;
  • Keep in custody all other documents generated by the governing body and/or village administrator;
  • Attend all meetings of the governing body and attend other meetings as directed by the village administrator;
  • Record all proceedings, ordinances and resolutions of the governing body;
  • Collect a reasonable fee for the cost of furnishing copies of municipal records as directed by the village administrator;
  • Assist the village administrator in implementing all municipal policies;
  • Assist the village administrator in the development and submission of the annual departmental budget;
  • Receive money and other things of value belonging to the village and promptly deposit such money to the appropriate account of the village or provide for storage, handling and safe keeping of other things of value;
  • Expend money of the village only as directed by the village administrator;
  • Keep departmental accounts and records in the manner prescribed by the governing body and/or village administrator;
  • Assist the procurement officer, as requested for the village purchases;
  • Prepare all ordinances, resolutions, minutes, and any other documents requested by the governing body and/or village administrator. This work is primarily concerned with clerical and accounting management of the departmental activities and records;
  • Keep open to inspection by any citizen during the regular business hours of the village the records of the clerk
  • Perform other work as directed by the village administrator.


The village administrator, with the consent of the governing body, may designate other municipal employees to be deputy village clerks who shall have the right and duty to perform all of the duties of the village clerk including, but not limited to, the duties set out in the municipal election code.



  • Adopted: Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, article 7E New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978 "public employee bargaining act" and all subsequent amendments adopted by the state of New Mexico after this date are adopted by reference pursuant to New Mexico Statutes.
  • Copies: A copy of the New Mexico public employee bargaining act is available for inspection during normal and regular business hours at the village hall.


New Mexico Statutes. Conflicts. Is amended to include: In the event of conflict with other ordinances, the provisions of this article shall supersede other previously enacted ordinances; provided that this article shall not supersede the village personnel ordinance. Village sanctioned rules and regulations, administrative directives and policies, departmental rules and regulations and workplace practices shall control unless there is conflict with a collective bargaining agreement. Where conflict exists, the collective bargaining agreement shall control.
New Mexico Statutes. Hearing Procedures. Is amended to include: All meetings shall be held in the Village of Conchas.


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