Cannon AFB Rec Area

Cannon Air Force Base
 Recreation Area

In 1967 Loyd J. Satterfield and his family moved to Conchas Dam and ran the Cannon Air Force Base recreation area. In 1975 he retired from the Air Force and the recreation area in 1976. In the summer of 1979 Loyd returned to the Cannon Air Force Base recreation area. where he spent another seven years before re-retiring in 1986. His family still lives in Conchas.  Here are some of their family pictures. Lloyd also ran the Conchas radio station.

Loyd and Tiny

Dianna Satterfield Young -  Our family moved to the old cannon recreation area ( located where cannon cove is now) in 1968 and our parents Loyd and Tiny Satterfield ran it . I believe it was around 1975 that the location was moved below the dike. In approx 1975 dad retired. They took a 2 or 3 year break .They were asked to come back. They went back to the new location and they ran the Air Force area until 1983 or pretty close to that year.

Some facebook comments from Conchas residents:

Paul Greenwood - This was the new area by the dike, the original area was at cannon cove

Joyce Rogers Tyler I remember as a kid the mobile homes being at Cannon Cove for use by only the air force.

Jim Sanchez I remember the AF facilities being over by the diversion canal area. Not at Cannon Cove. I think it was just called that?

Pat Combs Dodson I remember this too. Wasn't it right by the flashing light going to the north side just west of the church?

Norma Sims It was such a great place and served a lot of military families. Tiny and Lloyd were wonderful host.

Paul Greenwood There was a cannon Rec area at cannon cove first, then it moved to the area by the dike

Marty Hrivnak Cannon cove was a seaplane training facility and different from the cannon recreation area.

Paul Greenwood Marty Hrivnak
There was a boat dock with boats for the military guys to use, trailers to stay in and shower facilities, there were lots of trees and picnic areas.

If you look around you can see the shower foundation, a few cement picnic tables and the raised area the walkway for the boat dock.

My Uncle and Aunt ran it, we spent lots of time there.

Jim Sanchez So, if that was the case. It would have been owned by the government. How did the area end up in private hands?

John Auvil My dad ran it from the late 50's to early 60's. Mom has some pics and I will try to have her find some.

Paul Greenwood Marty Hrivnak
I’m guessing it might have been leased
Maybe that’s why it moved to the dike area on government land.

Marty Hrivnak From the number of spot foundations on the site there were quite a few structures. I believe the facility was a military installation. I am going to do more research.