Historic Conchas Lodge

Conchas Lodge

U.S. Army USACE of Engineers
Executive Order 13287, “Preserve America”
Section 3: Reporting Progress on the Identification,
Protection and Use of Federal Historic Properties

September 2014

SOUTH PACIFIC DIVISION - - Albuquerque District
Rehabilitation of the Conchas Lodge, Conchas Lake, San Miguel County, New Mexico

The Corps Albuquerque District has initiated a planning process for the rehabilitation of the historic Conchas Lodge, a “New Deal” era structure constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1942. Conchas Lake is located at the confluence of the Conchas River with the South Canadian River in east-central New Mexico.

The Conchas Lodge is associated with other structures including the 1948/1950 Fisherman’s Wharf, the 1959 East Wing, and the 1966 West Wing. In 2008, the New
Mexico State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) concurred with the Corps determination that “…the 1942 Main Lodge is eligible [for nomination to the National 22 Register of Historic Places] under Criterion A as the centerpiece of the Conchas DamState Recreation Master Plan, an ambitious New Deal program that sought to develop recreation along Conchas Lake’s south shore” and “Criterion C as an excellent
interpretation of regional architecture. (NM HPD Consultation No. 084466, dated June 23, 2008). The Fisherman’s Wharf and the East and West Wings are not eligible for
nomination to the National Register.

Albuquerque District is currently conducting planning studies and compiling historic documentation on the Lodge in preparation to conduct NEPA scoping regarding
the future of the structure. The district is also working with the Corps Technical Center of Expertise for Preservation of Historic Structures and Buildings. The Technical Center
is preparing more accurate cost projections that meet historic preservation standards for rehabilitation of the Lodge as well as a Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS),
Level II documentation package.

Conchas Lodge - 2017